The NYCC D&D Trivia Contest

Posted Monday, October 13, 2014

Over the weekend I gave a talk at New York Comic Con called "How D&D Changed The World, and Why Role-Playing Games Rule." It's the latest iteration of a speech I first delivered at PAX Prime in 2013, and each time I give it I've been trying to make it more interactive. This time around I added a D&D trivia contest, and Wizards of the Coast was kind enough to provide D&D sourcebooks, novels and merchandise as prizes.

After the event was over, a few attendees asked me to share the questions, so I've copied them below. Some of these are collected from various forums and sources across the Internet; others came from my own research. The quiz was designed to be hard, so I broke them up into three levels of diffulty: BASIC, EXPERT and MASTER. Highlight the black text to reveal each question's answer.


  • What kind of die do you roll for Greataxe damage? A d12
  • What is the exchange rate from silver pieces to gold pieces? 1 to 10
  • How much damage does a magic missile do? 1d4+1
  • Who is the queen of evil dragons? Tiamat
  • Who are the authors of module I1, Ravenloft? Tracy & Laura Hickman
  • What god do Drow elves worship? Lolth
  • A fireball spell is what school of magic? Evocation
  • What is the symbol of a cleric of Pelor? Sun
  • What ability score increase does a Dwarf character get? Constitution
  • What's the normal range of a shortbow? 80 feet
  • What's the base walking speed for a human character 30 ft
  • What spell creates a circular, horizontal plane of force 3 feet in diameter and 1 inch thick, that floats above the ground? Tenser's Floating Disk


  • What are the material components required to cast Tasha's Hideous Laughter? Tiny pies and a feather
  • What's the best way to incapacitate a flumph? Flip it on its back
  • Who is the king of good dragons? Bahamut
  • What does a Copper Dragon's breath weapon do? Acid or Slow
  • What kind of a monster looks like a floating brain with a sharp beak and barbed tentacles? A grell
  • In the first chamber of the Tomb of Horrors, there's a sculpture of a devil with a huge open mouth. What's inside the mouth? a Sphere of Annihilation
  • Name Count Strahd's brother and his beloved? Sergei and Tatyana
  • Explain to me how THAC0 works? THAC0 - AC = roll needed to hit.
  • What magical item might produce a stream of 600 large butterflies? A rod of wonder
  • In the Dragonlance novels, what's the name of Raistlin's gully dwarf friend? Bupu
  • Whats the name of the supreme ruler of the Modrons? Primus
  • What character class was Mordenkainen, and whose character was he? Wizard, Gary Gygax
  • Which of these monster races does not have its own unique language? Bullywug, Ettercap, Slaad, Umber Hulk, Yeti? Ettercap


  • In Original D&D, what was the name of the highest level obtainable by a cleric? Patriarch
  • What kind of creature has "a fondness for catnip," and which D&D module taught us that fact? Bugbears, Keep On the Borderland
  • What is the effect of an indigo ray in a Prismatic Spray spell? Fail a save three times and subject is petrified
  • What deity do Stone Giants worship? Skoraeus Stonebones
  • What's the name of the tavern where players start module CA1, Swords of the Undercity? The Silver Eel
  • In the AD&D Deities & Demigods sourcebook, Cthulhu is described lying in a huge stone structure sealed with the Elder Sign. Precisely what happens if the seal is broken and the god released? Everyone in a radius of 100 miles must make a saving throw against death or go insane for a number of months equal to their intelligence.